Australian Labradoodle
was started as an allergy
friendly assistance dog over
35 years ago.  

Welcome to Great Lakes
Great Lakes Labradoodles
Tim and Sandiy Ward
Welcome to Great Lakes Labradoodles
We are Great Lakes Labradoodles ~ a small,
home based breeder of the true allergy friendly
Australian Labradoodle dog breed. We are located
15 miles outside of Grand Rapids, MI in Middleville.
All of our dogs are members of our Family,
we do
not kennel
. Our dogs are our precious pets and
romp in our fenced yard with our children and live
in our home with us. We strive to provide the best
Labradoodle puppies in Michigan and elsewhere.

Sandiy loves to chat about all things Doodle. Give
her a call anytime!
269-795-4410 Ask for Sandiy
or leave a message ~ Out of respect for privacy, if
a message isn't left, we won't return the call. You
can also try Sandiy's Cell at
616-821-7388 *If she's
in the car with precious cargo (Doodles or Kids)
she won't answer but leave a voice mail and you
will get a call back ASAP!
Why an Australian Labradoodle?
Considering a Labradoodle? Despite what you may read
they aren't  "
hypoallergenic" dogs but they are an allergy
friendly breed. An allergy friendly coat is a low to non
shedding coat but you could get a hair or two once in
awhile. Most will come out during weekly brushing, but
anything with hair will have some break off. Even we shed a
Yes they have the most wonderful personalities, these
dogs are easily trained and want most of all to please their
human. They are beautiful, playful, intelligent with many
other attributes that make them the greatest family
companions we've seen.

Want to know more? Contact us regarding availability and
we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have
while researching if a Labradoodle puppy or slightly older
dog is the right fit for your family.
Our Mission and Puppy Philosophy
Our mission is to continue in the tradition of Tegan Park
and Rutland Manor, to promote the Australian
Labradoodle, protect the integrity of the breed while
adhering to the breed standards that Tegan Park and
Rutland Manor have developed. We will strive to promote
healthy, allergy friendly family companions and ensure
that we provide our partners (new owners) with the utmost
in customer service and integrity while providing the
healthiest and most wondrous Labradoodle puppy

Healthy Happy Puppies
We work with each puppy from the day they are born on
the important early socialization process. Puppies are
held and cuddled, played with and talked to as well as
presented with all  manner of noise (thunderstorm,
airplane, fireworks, vacuum) and situations (car rides,
other animals, children) so that they are well rounded,
happy and ready for their new homes!  We will strive to
provide the best Labradoodle puppies possible!
11 weeks old in
this picture.
Frankie's owner gets the
best pictures!
Website updated September 17th, 2014
Had to share this wonderful picture of our Friends Pat and Neil
with Finley and Deegan.
Click on it to see all the detail.
So proud of our Doodles!!
Our friend and professional photographer Vito Palmisano
took all of these beautiful pictures at our home for us last
summer. Double click to enlarge any of them. Check out
Vito's website for more awesome pictures!

Great Lakes Labradoodles
Whispering Willow
Rosewood Labradoodles
Say Hi to Charlie...

He is from our newest breeding pair
Namadgi and Willow (born 11/18/13)
Charlie's Family sent these adorable pictures
and I just had to share!
Charlie is growing up to be a
gorgeous Doodle!